Skeletal System


“In the body there is a mobile stability and stable mobility, both of them dynamic, which arise from the relationship between the leverage provided by the bones, the flexibility of the joints, and the other tissues of the body.”

 Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

This system provides us with our basic supporting structure. It is composed of the bones and the joints. The bones lever us through space and support our weight in relationship to gravity and the shape of our movements through space. The spaces within the joints give us the possibility of movement and provide the axes around which the movement occurs.

The skeletal system gives our body the basic form through which we can locomote through space, act on the environment, and sculpt and create the energy forms in space that we call movement. Through embodying the skeletal system, the mind becomes structurally organized, providing the supporting ground for our thoughts, the leverage for our ideas, and the fulcrums or spaces between our ideas for the articulation and understanding of their relationships. It provides the foundation for the psychophysical qualities of clarity, effortlessness and form.

Minimum course length: 9 days | 63 contact hours

July 27 – August 6, 2024
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This course includes:

  • Skeletal principles that enhance effortless movement.
  • The relationships between bones and joints and how they integrate through the whole body.
  • Evaluation and repatterning of skeletal alignment and movement imbalances.
  • Techniques for facilitating the repatterning of the internal structure of bone.
Skeletal System, Body-Mind Centering
Skeletal System, Body-Mind Centering

“An intense and transformative experience. I feel my body and movement different to how they were before. I’m very motivated to apply what I have learned to my personal and professional Yoga practice.”

– Jorge Farre

“An intense experience in the sense of knowing and accessing unknown places to me. I felt an opening, oxygenation and expansion of my body. Never before I felt this rooted… accessing my bones has meant meeting who I am.”

– Sonia Luchena

“I have felt the great pleasure to encounter a pedagogical system that is open, honest and constantly committed to the dialogue between experience and theory.”

– Guadalupe Cano

“I loved the structure and organization of the material, the excellence of the teachers and their transmission of BMC®. After so many years looking for a body-based training that is compromised with both the experiential and theoretical levels… I finally have found it!”

– Marina Santo

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