Certified Assistants

Participating in the Learning Environment

BMC Certified Assistants


Body-Mind Centering® has a long tradition of joint exploration and learning among students, assistants and teachers, at widely varying levels of experience within this approach. This is one of the beauties of this work: we continually learn from others and offer them useful information.

We are looking forward to share the adventure of starting a program with everyone dedicated to expanding this approach. One of the possibilities to do so is participating as an assistant, a role full of growth potential: for what it offers to the person who attends, for the support it offers to the group, and for the benefits it brings to the material and the community, far beyond the learning context.


We would love for you to participate as an assistant in our program, in individual courses or more regularly during the full SME and/or IDME cycles. We are especially interested in building a strong team and know how beneficial it is when participants commit to participate throughout whole programs. If you are interested in this option, please get in touch with us.

The courses will be taught in English and Spanish, with consecutive translation into the corresponding language.


Workshops for Assistants on the Teaching of Specific Materials of BMC®

We would like to nurture growth, discussion and research of the assistants. This relates to the BMC® material through the educational aspects of didactics and teaching skills. We will find time to consolidate these aspects during courses and team meetings, as well as during individual supervisions, and beyond: in a special workshop for participants that will be offered the day after each course.

This workshop is intended to open spaces, to take further our questions about the material and teaching, sharing and exploring them with the community. Some questions may arise from the constellation of the course itself and some may be a constant during our teaching.

Questions like…


What are teaching skills?


How do they receive influence and support from the BMC® material, in general and in relation to the material of each course?


How to use the awareness and principles of a system to facilitate its presentation?


What are the differences between teaching in a program and in regular classes or specific workshops?


What have I realized in relation to teaching a specific course?


What do I resonate with, what supports me when distilling my own style?

Walburga Glatz

Walburga Glatz will facilitate the workshop and assign observation tasks to the participants (individually, in pairs, threesomes, small groups) during the course and then share/present them during the workshop harvest.

The workshops will take place the day after each course from 9:00 to 13:30. Participation is free for those who attend the previous course.

If you wish to participate in the workshop for assistants, please indicate on your registration form.