Basic Neurocellular Patterns


“My feeling is that all mental patterns are expressed in the movement of the physical body, that all patterns of physical movement have a mind. This is what I work with.”

– Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

The development of these patterns in humans parallels the evolutionary development of movement through the animal kingdom. The Basic Neurocellular Patterns are the words of our movement. They are the building blocks for the phrases and sentences of our activities. They also establish a base for our perceptual relationships (including body image and spatial orientation) and for our learning and communication.

The BNP are one of the foundations of Body-Mind Centering® and their experiential study interweave with that of the body systems. The BNP have extensive application in the areas of movement and psychophysical expression. Done in sequences, the BNP can also form the basis for a deep and ongoing personal movement practice.

Minimum course length: 7 days | 49 contact hours

January 2 – 9, 2025
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This course includes:

  • Exploration of the prevertebrate patterns: vibration, cellular, sponging, pulsation, mouthing, and prespinal.
  • Exploration of the vertebrate patterns: spinal, homologous, homolateral, and contralateral.
  • Distinguishing and integrating the actions of yield, push, reach and pull.
  • Combinations of the vertebrate patterns that facilitate their integration.
  • Facilitating developmental repatterning in yourself and others.
Basic Neurocellular Patterns | Body-Mind Centering
BNPs - Basic Neurocellular Patterns

“This material has been the keystone in which all systems we have visited previously meet. The missing piece in the puzzle for everything to fit. I felt able to understand from a deep and ‘primitive’ simplicity… without effort or mental resistance… rescuing my body’s memory and  wisdom.”

– Raquel Fonfría

“The BNP have meant a more clear understanding of my limitations… but hey have opened a gentle and nourishing space to integrate them and also to access new ways of expression and relationship with my body and the environment, unfolding in a lighter perception and a broader inner space.”

– Mónica Ezquerra

“It has been a journey for finding increasingly more structure and support. I have gone through moments of blockage, I believe necessary to move on with different inner qualities and support.”

– Silvia Vieira

“Wonderful! I traveled through formlessness to form while maintaing the awareness of myself as energy. I leave with many patterns of movement and layers of initiation to continue exploring and integrating into my life, teaching and practice.”

– Swami Durgananda

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