Are there any prerequisites in order to participate in a course or training program?

There are no prerequisites for attending SME courses. For the IDME application, you must have completed the 4 developmental core courses: Ontogenetic Development, Senses & Perception, RRR, and BNP. The BMC® Practitioner program is open only to students who have completed their SME certification.

Can I sign for a BMC® course even without previous experience in the field of Somatics?

Programs and immersion series are designed for people who already have some experience with movement, dance, yoga, martial arts, bodywork or other body‑mind disciplines. The level of experience among students varies. However, there are several qualities that are important:

  • strong interest in the body‑mind relationship
  • responsibility for working on the material through the year when classes are not in session
  • responsibility for one’s own process and learning
  • being able to work within a community of other students, faculty and administration
Is it possible to attend one course individually, without committing to the whole certification program?

Yes. Each course has its own independent structure and offers a valuable experience on the specific related topic. If you wish to complete the training later on, the course you have previously attended remains accredited by all BMC® licensed organizations worldwide.

How can I register for a course or training program?

You can register for the SME, IDME and individual course through our online registration form.

How and when should I pay the course tuition?

After you have completed your online registration, we will get in touch through email and provide the banking information needed for payment. You can pay either the full tuition for the course(s), or a 50 euros deposit per course to reserve your place. If the full tuition is paid up to two months before the course(s) starts, there is a 50 euros discount in the course(s) fee.

Is it possible to visit the training?
Yes. We offer the possibility visit the program for free for either a morning or an afternoon session, each comprised of two classes. The number of visitors per day is limited. You can request a visit through info@movimientoatlas.com.
In what language are the courses held?

All courses are taught in Spanish and English, with consecutive translation to English and Spanish.

Where are the courses held?

The courses will take place in Zaragoza, Spain. The city, located between Madrid and Barcelona, has high speed train connections with both cities and its own airport.

The studio address is: Centro de Danza de Zaragoza, C/Domingo Miral 3, 50009 Zaragoza.

If I have enrolled and decide to cancel, what are the conditions?

In case of cancellation up to two weeks before the beginning of the course, the student will be entitled to a full tuition refund minus the 50 euros deposit for administrative expenses. If you notice us less than two weeks before the course starts, there will be no right to refund.

Does Movimiento Atlas offer scholarships?

Yes. Although our association doesn’t receive any public or private funding, we offer a limited number of scholarships to students with vulnerable economies who are highly motivated to complete the SME and/or IDME Programs. For more information, please email us to info@movimientoatlas.com

Is the course notebook included in the course fee?

Yes. The tuition includes a binder with the course manual and educational material. The manual is available both in Spanish or English. Manuals in other languages may be provided as well, please let us know your preference through your registration form.

Is lodging and board included in the course fee?

No. Movimiento Atlas will provide the students with list of recommended accommodations. These are mostly apartments, at a convenient cost and walking distance from the studio. Students should book their own reservations.

Are there any additional requisites to complete my certification as SME or IDME?

Yes. There are several homework tasks that you’ll have to fulfill in order to be certified as SME and/or IDME. You will also have to do a number of individual sessions with a BMC® Practitioner or Teacher. The price of these sessions is not included in the course tuition.

What kind of recognition does the BMC® certification have?

Our training courses fulfill the international training program regulation requirements set by The School of Body-Mind Centering® (SBMC®) and the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). This means that upon obtaining certification in any of our programs, you will be recognized internationally as a Somatic Movement Educator. Having BMC®certification allows you to officially teach and practice BMC® both in group and individual sessions in all countries.

 Certifications of Somatic Movement Education (SME), Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME) and BMC® Practitioner are not yet recognized in mainstream professional registers. However, the quality of the training and the skills that BMC® graduates acquire through their process can be of enormous personal and professional enhancement, and is very often recognized and appreciated both in public and private work fields.

 All BMC® graduates are recommended to join the Body-Mind Centering® Association, BMCA, as Professional Members. This allows them to the use of the registered trademark in their promotional materials, and to access the support of experienced peers in the Somatics field. The BMCA guarantees professional standards, code of ethics and more education opportunities for its members.

How often do the new training programs start?
We start new programs every 2 to 3 years, after finishing the previous cycle. You can check our calendar and the calendar for all international licensed programs to know in what sequence individual courses and programs are being offered in other countries.
What’s the cost of the training?

If you want to know the price of the full programs, you can request a quote through info@movimientoatlas.com. We will contact you to provide you with the details about prices, enrollment fees and the different payment options that we offer to our students.

Any other questions?