Organ System


“Movement can be initiated from the musculoskeletal system, the container, or from the organs, the content. The container offers shape and structure; the content, process and breadth.”

– Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Our organs are vital and alive. They provide us with our sense of self, full-bodiedness, and organic authenticity. Organs are the contents within the skeletal-flesh container and carry on the functions of our internal survival: breathing, nourishment and elimination.

Organs are the primary habitats or natural environments of our emotions, aspirations, and the memories of our inner reactions to our personal histories. They support our postural tone and our feelings, and give volume to our movement.

Minimum course length: 7 days | 49 contact hours

March 28 – April 4, 2026
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This course includes:

  • Initiating breath, voice, movement and touch from the organs.
  • Analyzing imbalances in individual organs and the organ system as a whole.
  • Techniques to facilitate access to and balance in the organs.
Organ System
Organ System

“This course has given me a lot of confidence in myself and empowerment. As a remarkable aspect, I had felt the receptive potential of my hands for receiving and  touching different organs.”

– Anna Roblas

“After this course I feel different, alive, full, awake, trustful and most of all thankful for being part of life’s miracle. I feel myself.

I have lived in amazement this days. And it is wonderful this discovery, understanding the word as ‘seeing something that it was already there’. Recognizing it. Recognizing myself. I finish this course flying, with my feet on the ground and full of competence.”

– Ana Estela Navarro

“In regard to embodiment, it has been a great discovery to manifest the unique power of each organ and its functions/connections with the rest of organs as a community. It is a tool for fluid expression that I take with me to apply in every aspect of my life. Specifically, naming organs has helped me to find the origin of movement/expression and to support education and repatterning including new flows of consciousness.”

– Ana Beatriz Fernández

“Something has changed deeply. Specially in regards of a better understanding of the quality of my organs and the movement from and between them through flow. My way of expression myself has changed… from the ease of living BMC® as a neverending process that creates itself.”

– Vanesa Azorín

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