Our Project

Since Movimiento Atlas was founded in 2010 as a cultural association, it has served its purpose as a platform for the dissemination of Somatic Sciences of Movement in Spain, with a special focus on Body-Mind Centering® and Dance Movement Therapy. Our activities are mainly educational, offering seminars and workshops in diverse educational, artistic, social and health contexts.

Within this framework of constant renewal and outreach, Movimiento Atlas organized Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s visit to Madrid in May 2015. More than 100 people from all over the peninsula attended and met the founder of BMC®, and the interest shown in the approach laid the foundations for the opening of the School in Spain (Zaragoza).

After massive preparations and tons of enthusiasm, the first cycle of the Somatic Movement Education Program (SME) started in September 2017, followed by the Infant Developmental Movement Education Program (IDME) in January 2018. Since then, we have received more than 150 students from the five continents, and a faculty team of more than 20 international teachers.

The second cycle of the SME and IDME Programs began in December 2020 and is scheduled to conclude in 2023. Parallel to it, Movimiento Atlas offers BMC® introductory training programs in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Vitoria, as well as online training courses, seminars and workshops.

Our Mision

We have started this path because we want to transform the world

We know that it is possible to do so with an education that includes embodied, collective/participatory and emancipatory learning. We understand knowledge as an emergent process in which we open up to discover, unlearn, rename and co-construct ourselves.

Our Values

We are committed to this new paradigm, and to move towards it we rely on Our Values:


Love for what we do and for the people with whom we do it is our engine.


We work to offer you the best of ourselves, honoring our lineage and cultivating our own innovative, inclusive and encompassing perspective.


We feel that rigor and enjoyment combine perfectly, and we encourage them to go hand in hand.


We are a team committed to cooperative learning and promoting collective potential. Together, we know more.


We meet each other in our differences to celebrate them. Each person brings his/her experience to the group, and participates simultaneously as student, teacher, and study material.


We want to know you and offer you the support we have. We listen to the circumstances of each moment to adapt to them with you.


Our work leaves a lasting trace on your experience.