Ontogenetic Development 


“Development happens in phases that overlap and support each other. Re-educating the patterns that have not been fully developed allows us to solve difficulties of movement, alignment, sequencing, organization, memory, creativity…”

– Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

The period from intrauterine life through approximately 12 months of age is an extraordinarily formative time for humans. Our basic movement patterns emerge in utero, are present at birth, and develop through the first year of life.

It is during this time that we build the groundwork for our movement and perceptual skills and pass through the milestones by which we mark our development.

Minimum course length: 5 days | 35 contact hours

July 27 – 31, 2025
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This course includes:

  • Developmental milestones including: fetal movement, nursing, head control, eye-hand coordination, rolling, circumduction, belly crawling, quadrupedal creeping, sitting, kneel-sitting, kneel-standing, half kneel-sitting, half kneel-standing, squatting, standing, cruising, walking.
  • The sequence of development that allows the infant to progress through each and all skill levels during its development process.
  • Patterns of movement that inhibit more integrated skills from developing.
  • Facilitating integrated movement skills and inhibiting patterns which limit full development.
Ontogenetic Development
Ontogenetic Development

“It has been a very complete experience in many levels: theoretical , practical, methodological, artistic, spiritual… I have obtained many resources to work with my patients. I have enjoyed the humanity in the group and the teachers, allowing me to go deep in my learning and rediscovery of my body/no-body and my movement/no-movement”

– Hugo Esteban

“I have felt fully aware of my body and movement. Observing babies allowed me to integrate and clarify all the information, and access movement from its evolutionary organicity.”

– Natalyd Altamirano

“Much clarity about my bond with myself and others… the clear perception that all is full of potential that, even though it is waiting to be expressed, needs from bonding to evolve and transform.”

– Vanesa Azorín

“I have learned about the essential aspect of regulation through care, limits and the rhythm for processing information. I have been able to go through these insights in the intimacy of both the material and methodology.”

– Arminda Abdola

“A deep feeling of beeing vulnerable and the acceptance of it; and yet, also the assurance that there is a safe place within this. Participating opened my mind and body to the exploration of connected materials that really allowed me to change some patterns.”

– Daniel Aschwanden

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