Cycles & Seminars

Body-Mind Centering® Cycles

This year we present new opportunities to know the innovative BMC® approch and its multiple applications to the unfolding of movement and people.

The contents have been designed to acquire knowledge with direct applications to the fields of the arts, sports, body work, manual therapy, psychotherapy and any other field related to the body and movement.

These cycles are aimed at anyone interested in revolutionary and effective methods to deepen the knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of the body, movement and consciousness.

Body, Movement and Relation

This cycle proposes a dynamic and multi-dimensional approach to the study and exploration of our perceptual and relational system, integrating knowledge from the following systems:

  • Basic Neurocellular Patterns, January 30 – 31, 2021 

  • Nervous System, February 27 – 28, 2021 

Location: Gune (Vitoria/ Gasteiz)
Price: 145 € por taller
Information and registration:

Experiential Anatomy in Femenine

What do we knwo anout female anatomy and physiology? What do we not know, and how to unveil and unhabit it?

This seminar is a meeting for researching the relation between the scientific maos of the female body and the living territory of experience. 

We will explore: 

  • Embryology and development of ciclicality. 

  • Relations between organs, glands, bones and muscles.

  • Disregarded anatomy: the paraurethral glands or female prostate. 

Location: Online
Dates: May 8 – 9 & June 12 – 13, 2021
Price: 125€
Information and registration:

BMC® experience is not required.

Symmetry and Its Rupture

This cycle is formed by two independent, each one comprised of two courses. We will explore the phenomenon of symmetry and its rupture, and how it manifests from the micro/cellular levels of our organism, to the macro levels of our structures, patterns and external movement, facilitating a dialogue between stability and mobility:

  • Basic Neurocellular Patterns: inherited symmetry/asymmetry

  • Relations between Skeletal System and cytoskeleton 

  • Motility and mobility of paired organs and asymmetric organs.

  • Stability and mobility through Fluids and Primitive Reflexes.

Location: to be confirmed
Dates:  to be confirmed 

  • Module I . Symmetry and its rupture: stability.

  • Module II. Symmetry and its rupture: mobility. 

Meetings between BMC®, Dance and Improvisation

What we know about the body influences our wat of inhabiting it. At the same time, in the conscious exercise of moving, we discover and know  the body. Science and experience, movement and cognition, art and culture are indivisible pairs.

These meetings, in different formats, propose an exploration of the science and experience of the body in relation to the development of our habilities for movement, touch, dance, and improvisation.

Embodiment, Community and Improvisation

Zaragoza | Weekley Contact Improvisación and BMC® Classes

​Embodiment can be facilitated, evoked and shared in group to create and collective consciousness, a group attuning from which to explore specific qualities of movement, touch and expression.

When, as a group, we explore a body system, the mind of that system resonates in space facilitating a collective embodiment and learning: we find common ground in the diversity of our experiences.

In this meetings we will explore, observe and facilitate these relations and processes for a deep, personal and creative Contact Improvisation practice.

Location: CSC Luis Buñuel, Zaragoza
Tuesdays, from 19:00 to 21:00

No previous BMC® or Contact Improvisation experience required.